Rental Options

Latest technology, high obsolescence, fast depreciating assets are suited to Rental

Upgrade to new equipment

Terminate & Return equipment

Extend at an agreed rental reduction

Apply to Buy at lease end for agreed value*

Low DOC Lending

Matrix Asset Finance understands the needs of small business and offers a variety of solutions to both well established businesses and those with limited trading history.

We have a range of “low doc” and “full doc” options that cater for ABN & GST registered businesses from 1 year old.

Upgrade Programs

A key feature of our Rental solution is it provides options for clients to review their requirements on an ongoing basis.

Clients are given the flexibility to upgrade existing equipment, add additional equipment or trade up and replace part or all of their equipment on an ongoing basis (i.e. at any point during or at the end of the lease term without penalty.

Sale and Lease Back

Should you wish to free up capital, improve your balance sheet, overcome potential losses on disposal, eliminate costs in accounting for assets or just simply wish to implement a disciplined upgrade path, MAF can offer a Sale & Leaseback program.

Under this program MAF will purchase your existing equipment at its written down or fair market value (as agreed to by you) and lease it back to the organisation over a period equivalent to the equipment’s remaining useful life.

Master Agreements

Matrix Asset Finance can provide clients with a single Master Agreement to cover all of your equipment requirements. Once the Master Agreement is in place each asset or group of assets financed are simply added under this facility by simply executing an equipment Schedule.

Each ‘Schedule’ specifies the equipment details, serial numbers, locations, lease term and the agreed lease rentals.

New & Used Goods

Unlike traditional lenders Matrix Asset Finance can easily accommodate purchases of used equipment should the need to purchase new assets not be suitable or financially viable. An asset inspection will be conducted to verify the equipment to be funded is free from any encumbrance and in line with your supplier’s invoice.

Private Sales

Whether you purchase from a recognised dealer or a private seller, Matrix Asset Finance will support your nominated source of procurement. For private sales, a simple low cost asset inspection will need to be conducted prior to settlement.

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